Friends, now that we’re out of subcommittee, the hard work truly begins.

Here’s what we need:

1. Donations. We HAVE to pay a lobbyist this year. We need boots on the ground daily, and this is how we make that happen. We need to raise a minimum of $5,000 ASAP.

 You can donate via PayPal to (please send friends and family, and include ’legislative efforts’ in the notes) or message this page for Venmo info or a mailing address. 

You can also give your donation to your home birth midwife, if they’re part of the Iowa Midwives Association.

2. Call or email the following representatives and ask them to support HSB 123 when it comes to the full committee for a vote next TUESDAY! If you have ANY family or friends who live in any of the representatives districts, have THEM email as well (Representatives want to hear from their district that this is a bill they want to see come to fruition).

Main points to include when you call or email: HSB 123 is a midwifery licensure bill that pased UNANIMOUSLY out of subcommittee on 2/1, and will be going for a full vote on 2/8. This bill increases midwifery access to women in a state that ranks 49th for number of maternity care providers vs. need. Licensure allows for integration, which makes birth more safe.
Please report back to this page when you hear a yay or nay from the representatives you contact.

3. A lot of representatives will hold a ‘legislative cofffee’ in their district on the weekends. Look up your representative (even if they’re not on this list) and see if they’ll be holding such an event in your area…and go talk to them in person.

Let’s get this done!

Rep. Brooke Boden 515-971-7156

Rep. Robert Bacon

Rep. Jacob Bossman

Rep. Megan Jones 515.991.7337

Rep. Joe Mitchell

Rep. Tom Moore 712.789.9954

Rep. Amy Nielsen

Rep. Carter Nordman 515.480.7837

Rep. Mike Sexton

Rep. Brent Siegrist 402.250.5566