Josiah David, born on November 27th 2010 at 2:43 pm. 8lbs 14oz. Attending midwives A and M. Josiah is my 5th baby, first homebirth. Contractions started around 9am, with slight cramping. I was wavering the fact that I was in labor, because the contractions never hurt. I was uncertain if I should call the midwives, then I kept getting that inner nudge that I at least needed to inform them, as being a doula I would want to know, so I called A. I reassured her it was nothing, lol. She said to check in after an hour. So I went for a walk and around 11:30-12 she called me back and said she talked it over with M and they both felt they should come down. I admit I was thinking "great, they are going to drive all this way for nothing." Still contractions steady, but not painful. After my walk I decided to go home, turn on my worship music and pray, I did...everything stop! After about an hour of doing that, the thought of “great their coming for nothing" really grab on to me, so I decided to lie down on my couch. I laid down and heard a car door shut, at that very moment, I felt a pop and lots of warm water. That was amazing, never has my water broke, but that’s what I needed to know that I know labor has begun. M walked in first, and helped me move downstairs. Now it was official so we began to call my parents and husband as they were out running errands. This was at 1:00. I had some more contractions, nothing unbearable. Then M had me get on hands and knees, once I did that he came. He was born at 2:43pm. It was amazing, empowering and the best thing I have ever done in my life. I can't wait for the next homebirth! Miriam Simon RN CD (DONA)